How To Make The Perfect Cat Eyeliner? - Must Check!

Eyeliner gives you’re an eyes extra shine and outlook. You can choose to have the sparkling eyeliner or any dark color eyeliner. Choice of eyeliner basically depends on your preference and the style that you are going to make with it. Today we will be making your eyes looks like the cat and hence it is named as the cat eyeliner.

Using the solid black eyeliner pencil start drawing the shadow starting from the upper lash line.

Start in the middle of the lash line and get it towards outside.

Make it exactly the shape of your eye which is further enhanced a bit at the corners to give the perfect cat look.

Same way finish the outline on the inner side of lash line.

Once it is finished, pick the blue color pencil with sparkle texture and start drawing another thin line just above the below outline.

As you finish, you will get your eyes in perfectly new look. Eye liners are trendy today because they are able to make your eyes the way you want and it only takes minutes to accomplish it.

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