How to Do a Love Heart Braid? - Hairstyle Tutorial

This is one of the unique and most trendy hair styles that I have seen and written about. We will be making a heart in the centre using the tiny braids.
First you need to comb your hairs to make them straight and easy to handle.

Now split hairs in two bunch, one is the upper layer and other is the lower layer.

The top bunch you need to put in place using the elastic.

Now fold back the elastic hold hairs and make them pass from the rest of the hairs.

Divide the pony in two and attach near your ears using the hair clips.

Now make the small braids using the hairs left.

This way you will be having two braids, one on each side of the elastic hold.

Make a pony of the lower bunch hairs and attach them with the two braids making a heart in the middle.

You can wrap the hairs around the elastic for more elegant look.

Your love heart braid is ready and you are also ready to go with it to shine in the party.

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