Home Manicure Ideas

Everyone loves their shiny nails and that’s why women spent quite a time on designing and taking care of their nails. We visit parlors to have manicure to get the well treatment for the nails. Many a times we are in hurry and can’t reach the parlor so it is better to get it done at the home. You might be worried, how can one do that at home? Then don’t panic we will guide you in this tutorial on how to do manicure at home.

First clean your nails and put the base coat properly.

Now pick the violet nail paint and using the brush start decorating it. You need to cover it fully.

Now pick the light blue nail paint and similarly spread it over the nail, leaving some boundary of the previous color around the edges.

Similarly do the same with the pink, white and dark blue in the end.

This way you will be having a unique nail art shining your nails in different color combination. Isn’t it cool for the party? Yes likewise you can have several more art and designs at your home.

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