Get Fair and Glowing Skin at Home in 7 Days - Important Instructions

We always thought that having a shimmering, healthy and beautiful skin is a long way process. This need proper diet and proper care which is next to impossible in this busy world. Now this problem is going to end because you have that dreamy skin in just seven day, by just following this seven day process:-

Follow cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine in morning, cleansing and night cream routine at night for next seven days. You can also apply face pack in morning.

From second day onwards include fruits and liquid in your diet. Use raw fruits instead of canned juices. Drink water and green tea instead of tea or coffee. You can also use fruit pack which gives your skin radiance.

Third day let’s remove dead skin by using scrub after your regular routine of cleaning. After scrub apply some face mask, then moisturizer. Prevent your skin from tanning by using sunscreen.

Fourth day, after cleaning routine give some steam bath to your face which helps in open up pours of face. Then use rosewater for cooling your face skin. And if you notice some improvement, then also don’t be lazy with your routine.

Fifth day, do some exercise. After doing cleaning routine, massage your face with massage cream or aloe Vera gel. For dark circles apply under eye serum. In evening, sandalwood pack will be perfect relaxing treatment.

In sixth day, after your daily routine of cleaning do use some scrub. For exfoliating dead skin and impurities forms skin scrub helps you. Then use some rosewater for some refreshment.

In seventh day, do fruit facial after regular routine of your cleanup.
See the magic happens with your skin!

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