Fill in the Border Nail Art Design

This nail art is the step by step gradual pattern maker in which you will learn to draw this beautiful rose nail art within the borders. First we will be making the outline of the nail art and then we will move inside. For this we will require black nail paint along with some pink and white nail paint also. Base coat will be requiring in the very beginning while top coat will be used in the end to finish the art.

Start the art by applying the base coat to your nails. Base coat is necessary to protect your natural nails from the chemical effects of nail paints.

Now prepare a thick outline of your nails using the black nail paint.

Now draw two rose shaped flowers one over the other. Rose will be a fair outline rather than complete line to line finish.

Now in the outline you need to fill in the white and pink nail paint respectively.

As a more gorgeous texture drop the shades of alternate colors on to the flowers i.e. white on the pink and pink on white.

Apply the top coat to finish and you are done.

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