Candy Cane Swirl Nail Art Design Step By Step

You can create candy cane swirls right on your nails using the nail art tutorial. This tutorial requires use of artificial nails which will be glued at the top of your natural nails to give you the ultimate look.

You can get the required size artificial nails from the market, depending upon your own size and shape.

First pain them in white using the white nail paint.

Now pick the tiny brush and start creating the swirls.

You can choose the color you want to make the swirls with.

Same way you are free to choose the design pattern you are going to pick.

Once done with the basic drawing, put the final coat over the nails.

Final coat gives the sharpness to the nail paint and protects your art.

Now get the glue which is especially used to stick the nails.

Apply the glue on the back side of the artificial nail and firmly place it over your natural nail.

This way you are having candy cane swirls on to your nails and these looks pretty nice. Once you thought of changing the pattern, remove these and draw a new one.

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