Burgundy Touch For Smokey Eyes - Makeup Ideas

No one likes smoke in the eyes but this smoke you would definitely love to have in your eyes. We are talking about make up trend of having smoky eyes. In this tutorial we are taking you to learn how you can have intense smoky eyes sitting at your home. Considering you as complete beginner, we will be discussing and every necessary step, so stay tuned and continue along us.

First of all it is better to wash your eyes with the clean water and dry them using soft cotton piece.

Now apply the concealer around the shape of your eye.

Now pick up the brush as it is the real time to play with it.

Rub the brush into the dark black shadow kit and start applying it on to your upper eye lash.

Start from the middle of the upper lash and go on towards the corners.

We will be keeping it thin inside while on the outer side it will be considerably thick.

Repeat the same with the lower lash line and your make up is almost finished.

If you have spilled some black over your skin then clean it off using the brush or wet cotton.

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