Braid In A Braid Hairstyle – Tutorial

Looking for a new way to make a pretty braid? Just look at this tutorial.Braid In A Braid Hairstyle to create a beautiful hairstyle. The best bit It looks complicated but when you make it you will feel that it is very easy to create.So guys what are you waiting for try this new hairstyle and have fun.Take a look:

1. Comb your hair nicely to remove all the knots.

2. Separate a small section from underneath to make a mini braid.

3. Make a mini braid. Secure the end of the mini braid with a bobby pin or small hair elastic.

4. Split the rest of your hair in two and make the mini braid the middle section of the new braid. Cross the right section over the braid, then the left section over the right. Secure the end of your braid with a clear hair elastic.

5. Stretch your braid to make your braid look wider.

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