Ballerina Bun for Long Hair

Get the new look Ballerina Bun for Long Hair. You will really enjoying a lot after making this.Just see the steps given with pictures and have fun.
Take a look:

You will Need:-
-Two hair elastics
-A foam hair donut
-Bobby pins

1. Comb your hair and make a high ponytail.Use a donut to secure it.
2. Lift ponytail up high and spread into two fairly equal sections – one at the top and one at the bottom.
3. Place top section of hair over the top portion of the donut and spread the bottom section of hair over the bottom portion of the donut, making sure the whole donut is covered.
4. Take the top section of loose ends and twist it around the base of the bun.Secure it with bobby pins.
5. Take a hair elastic and put it around the bun.
6. Twist the loose hair from the bottom section clockwise.
7. Secure the bun with a bobby pin so it hides the hair elastic.
8. Spray with hairspray.

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