Zigzag and Sponge Nail Art Tutorial

Today we have a new Nail Art for you "Zigzag and Sponge Nail Art".It seems complicated when you see first time but when you try to paint on your nails you feel that it's so easy to make.We will show you tutorial with pictures for you, so you can easily draw this nail art.Try this nail art and show to your friends. Take a look:

You Will Need:-
a piece of sponge
white nail polish
3-4 shades of grey nail polishes.

1. Apply a white nail polishes on your nails and let them dry completely.

2. Get a piece of sponge, apply the layers of grey nail polishes and then place the piece of sponge on the nail.

3. Once dried get a piece of tape and cut it on a zigzag shape as pictured. Get another piece of sponge , re-apply the layers but place the piece of sponge the opposite side you applied it on the first time, place the sponge on top of the tape and then remove the zigzag tape. Wait for it to dry completely.

4. Seal with applying a clear top coat.

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