Unique Shape Nail Design Tutorial

The new Nail Art Design best for spring and summer season.This Design is really great nail design using Scotch Tape to get a unique shape. We have seen a lot of nail design made with tape, you can make so many nail art designs using tapes.But Today we show you the Nail art which looks a bit difficult but when you try it ,you will find it really easy.Take a look:

1. File your nail into a square short shape.
2. Then apply a base coat or any kind of transparent nail polish.
3. Then apply the base color – the pumpkin nail polish. If you are not satisfied apply another layer. Wait for those layers to dry out completely.
4. Now apply the tape in order to create a triangle shape at the bottom of the nail. Paint the tip area with the brown nail polish. Wait a few seconds and remove carefully the tape with tweezers.
5. Then apply thin, golden lines at the borders between the two colors.Complete it with a top coat.

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