Textured Nail Polish Fuzzy Tutorial

Textured nail art can be lot more fun for you to try. We start filling our nail with a single color and during process we follow certain steps to create the art and the result that comes out is a cool inspiring texture which can amaze anyone out there.

First fill your nail using dark red.

Now apply fine tape strips to create the texture.

Now apply crust black to fill the pattern.

When you remove tapes, fines red lines forming texture on your nails are visible.

Next we will be making a different texture for the middle finger.

Stick tape on the nail making two uprooted triangles one over the other and both merged together.

Here while you will be applying black crust make sure not to put any color inside the taped boundary.

When done remove the tapes and this time a solid red texture in the middle of the nail.

Now look at your nails all at once. You will be amazed to see various texture patterns running on your nails and they are too fascinating to show the rest of the world. Don’t wait and let the world speak about this.

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