Peacock Nail Art Design Tutorial

There is no need for expensive nails tutorials too. All you require is a little patience and some time on your hands.You don’t have to go to the nail art salons each time. Try making your own simple and easy nail art patterns yourself. It is economic and time saving too.Painting your nails is a art don't forget about it. You have to think creatively in order to enhance them.It is not a complicated process at all and can be done with relative ease. Today we show you a unique Nail Art Design the Peacock Nail Art.Take a Look:-

1. File your nails until you make a square shape.
2. Then apply a base coat.
3. Then wait it to dry. you can apply the base color – black nail polish.
4. Then apply turquoise nail polish at the middle of the nail, but let the black nail polish underneath work as a frame.
5. Then apply another two layers of the black and then the blue nail polish again.
6. Finish the decoration with glitter.
7. Lock the decoration with a top coat.

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