One Glitter Heart Nail Art Tutorial

Nail is really in trends these days. Girls require different types of nail art all day. Most of the girls require the heart shape nail art as this is romantic and very trendy.Heart shaped nails are not only stylish and creative but very romantic too. There are a lot of design to choose from. We wants pretty hearts but it may be little hard and we have no time to make the heart nail art's. Don't worry. This step by step tutorial will show you how to make those pretty heart nail art very easily.Take a look:

You Will Need:-
Base Coat
White color polish
Dotting Tool
Top Coat

1. Apply base coat, it is always necessary to protect nails.

2. Draw two dots on nail and then join both as you draw a half heart shape.

3. Then joint the other part also and make a full heart shape as shown in picture.

4. Fill the Part outside the heart with white color polish as pictured.

5. Place the glitter on the heart shape only at the lines as pictured.You can also use toothpick for this step.Wait for it to dry.

6. Apply a top coat and you are done.

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