New Sleek Modern Ponytail Step By Step

Ponytail is always in trend.There are so many types of ponytails. The ponytail style is best for every occasion whether it is a party or any other occasion. Today we share a ponytail style which is so simple and looks stunning when you wear it. This is the hairstyle that anyone can make and just require few minutes.Just follow the steps given below and look at the pictures and you are ready to create.For this hairstyle you will need few things comb and thin headband.
Take a look:

1. First make your hair's smooth, clear all the knots by combing your hair.

2. Then make three sections of your hair as shown in picture.

3. Two sections on the front side, the crown side. Make a ponytail of the left hairs the back side hair.Secure it with the thin headband.

4. Take one section from the front side and cover the base of the ponytail, same step with the other section of hair.You are done.

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