Nail Art for Beginners

Adorable nail art designs for Easter and all things spring. Nail Art For Beginners is best for all things related to nail art.Our goal is to provide you with the best nail art, specifically for those just starting out.Here we provide you a super cute, quick and EASY Nail Art Tutorial for you The Beginners. Different polish colors are needed (and they are most likely already in your collection).We hope you enjoy this Tutorial.

1. File your nails into oval shape.

2. Paint them with colored nail polish sas shown in pictures. they are trendy these days.

3. Then you will need some nail polish remover and black nail polish, also a toothbrush.

4. Dampen the toothbrush in the mixture of nail polish remover and then stamp the nails with it.

5. You will create dark spots on the nails.

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