Melting Ice-cream Nail Polish Tutorial

Nail art doesn’t have to be difficult to make an impact. Today we will show you the new category of nail art the Melting Ice-cream Nail Art.This very different and easy to create.This design was very easy – you don’t need any special equipment, just the nail polish you already have in your home.If your nails are uneven, you will have to file them first. For this nail art, you will need three opaque nail polish colors – peach, pink and strawberry. Just take a look and follow the steps given.

1. Apply a thin coat of the base colour. Wait for it to dry completely.

2. Draw a line down the middle of your nail. Using first color as shown in picture.

3. Repeat with two more lines down each side of the first line. Let it dry.

4. Add the second cloud with another colour.Let it dry.

5. Finish with a coat of topcoat to smooth and seal the design.

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