Make Your Lipstick Last Longer - Tutorial

Lipstick is hard to keep in place because lips are always in motion. Lip gloss looks beautiful but it has a short life. Then How to keep your lips looking great all day, we have a great trick because with the right tricks you can make every lipstick last more than 8 hours.Now you don't have to keep re-applying your lipstick.

Trick Steps:-
- Start by moisturizing your lips in order to make them smooth.

- With a lip pencil, line your lips carefully as shown in picture.Make sure the lip pencil is same shade as your lipstick.

- Apply the lipstick Place a tissue over your lips and gently press on it.

- Apply some dry powder over your lips and then again apply another layer of lipstick.
As a result you feel that your lipstick will last longer.

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