How to Remove Glitter Top Coat - Tutorial

Top coat is important when you paint your nails with with any color/design, to make your design last longer. When you are using glitter top coat, Because we all know how hard is removing glitter polish of your nails, so we show you one quick way to remove it easily.This will save you valuable time and eliminate pain associated with it. Many women try to take it off with acetone but it doesn’t work.See our Tutorial which shows you Step By Step process of Removing Glitter Top Coat. Take a look:


Start with clean nails and transfer some glue on them.

Let the glue dry very well.

Apply the nail polish to your nails and let it dry very well.

Enjoy your for nail art for few days.

If you are ready to remove it just take the cuticle pusher and starting from the base of the nail start peeling the polish off. Do it for all your nails and wash hands to remove the remaining glue.

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