Home Remedies for Smooth Skin

Your skin is most sensitive to the environment and your daily outgoing can make it look dull. There are number of cosmetic products are available in the form of face washes and creams to deal with the situation. If you don’t want to go with the available products, you can readily prepare the one for you at home. We will be using the baking soda with the normal distilled water which I hope are easily available to you.
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☛ Pick a small bowl from your kitchen. We will be using it to prepare the paste.

☛ Now pour ½ tbsp baking soda into the water.

☛ Pour approximate water in the baking soda to make it a thick paste.

☛ Mix them well to prepare the paste and look for any hard bubbles. If so, remove them by properly mixing the solution.

☛ Now apply the paste on to your face and keep it applied for nearly 15 minutes.

☛ After 15 minutes you can wash your face from the regular water and put some rose water spray on to your face to bring out the freshness.

Your skin will glow more bright with this and will make it more smooth.

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