Fake Long Ponytail Hairstyle Step By Step

We have already seen the impact of ponytail in the beauty trends and how it suits our look. Ponytails are easy to adopt and can stay longer in shape without any disturbance. But here today we are taking this hairstyle which is long enough as pony tail but it is not ponytail in real. Due to this it has been named as fake long ponytail hairstyle.

First we will start with the dry hairs no matter these are straight or curly.

Now hold some hairs from your sides along with some on the top to make a ponytail, leaving some at the lower neck.

Keep them aside for a while and let them rest over your head with a clip.

Now make a pony tail with the hairs you have left.

Attach them together with the help of an elastic band.

The same way grab the hairs from the top and with the help of elastic complete the second pony tail.
This way we have completed two ponytails one over the other to give the necessary length to the hairs. This hairstyle is suited for the girls having medium length hairs.

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