Cool Makeup Idea Tutorial

If you are the girls which is playing with the Eye Makeup and use different eye shadow colors then we are showing you a simple technique how to achieve this gorgeous eye makeup.Follow the steps for astonishing Eye Makeup. If you are trying eye makeup first time, then you need to do patiently and carefully. Once you have learned to do it, you can also choose other eye shadows.

1. At first apply the foundation and the highlighter on your face.
2. Next make a thin line in the crease with a black pencil giving the shape of the eye.
3. Apply a light brown eye shadow above crease and merge them together with an eye brush.
4. Apply the eye shadow on the eyelid under the light brown color.
5. Make a thin line with a black liquid eyeliner closer to your upper lash line as shown on the above picture.
6. Do another thin line in your lower lash line. Then apply the eye shadow on your lower lash line.
7. Apply the mascara on your eyelashes and now you are ready.

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