Computer Network Calgary

Connecting two or more computers together in order to share resources is called a “network”. The main aim or purpose of a network is to share all kind of resources or information, within or outside the organisation. These resources or information may include: A disk drive, a folder, a file, a printer or anything that exists on a computer. So that, a computer network is defined as the set of computers or hardware devices connected to each other either physically or logically by the use of special software and hardware components in order to generate efficient results for the business.

Networking in simple words, is the process of all factors or steps involved in the designing, implementing, upgrading, and managing the networks and network technologies. The term “computer networking” offers a bundle of advantages to the users such as: fast connectivity and communication, data sharing, hardware sharing, entertainment, internet access, internet access sharing, performance enhancing and balancing, and data security and management. So, these are the benefits offered by the networking of computers, which enables the user to bring efficient and effective results without wasting any kind of resources with best effective cost strategy and achieve high growth for the company as well as for business and revenues.

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