Colorful Sugar Spun Nail Art Tutorial

If you have a hang of nail art, but you never dared to do it alone or don't have much time to do then you are at the right place. Here you get a solution of your problem, Now you can make your nails different by painting different designs. No need to go to any of the salon and pay to much on the nails.We help you with Step by step nail art tutorials. Get your nails this gorgeous Colorful Sugar Spun Nail Art design. It is not hard to create and you can use all your favourite nail polish colours choice is your's.This design is so simple to create and looks very colourful after you will finish this.So, try it by following the tutorial given and have fun. Take a look:

You Will Need:-

Base coat(Different color nail polishes)
Dotting tool(you can use toothstick)
Small piece of paper


1. Apply a white nail polish as a base coat.Wait for it to dry completely.

2. In a small piece of paper add five drops of different nail polishes colours.

3. Take a toothstick or you can use any other tool to make a drop.After that dip it into the nail polishes and carefully fall on the nail as pictured.

4. Repeat the same step with different nail polishes until you are done.

5. Wait for some time for it to dry and you are done.

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