Colorful Fish Design Nail Art Tutorial

What’s common between fish and women? ‘They both like bright shiny objects’ as explained in a popular sitcom! Here, we have a beautiful and bejeweled fish design nail art that is rich in color and embedded with tiny gem stickers. The steps to the simple nail art tutorial are-

Color the nail in white nail polish to create a neutral base. You can also use cream or ivory color as all these shades are neutral.

Apply mauve nail polish. Mauve is a ladylike color and is suitable for dinner and night parties.

Cover the nail with a fishnet stocking or cloth. You can cut out a small portion of the fabric as you only need only a small piece.

Apply mulberry shade of nail polish over the fishnet fabric.

Place a strip of paper diagonally across the nail dividing it in two sections.

Color one part of the nail entirely in mulberry nail varnish.

Place a wine color sticker strip on the diagonal line.

Place gem stickers on this strip to create a streak of gems.

Enjoy your classy fish design nail art and shine like a goldfish with this scaly design.

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