Bright Color Nail Art Tutorial

The Summer season is here, so we have updating many new nail designs best for summer season. Today we want to make a easier or Super Easy Step-By-Step Fall Nail Tutorial for you. When you follow the step-by-step tutorials, you can learn how to do any Nail Art Design With so much of ease.Here is a new amazing and easy tutorial for your lovely nails.Just follow the steps given below:-

1. You will need bright colors – orange, light gray and yellow.
2. Paint the basic color – the orange one. Let it dry and if you are not satisfied with the coverage, apply another layer. Let the second layer dry too.
3. Then use a thin, drawing brush to create the floral decoration.It's looking like leaves.
4. Make a twig with leaves with the gray nail polish and add some finishing touches with the yellow nail polish at the tips of the leaves.

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