2 Minute Perfect Chic Rolled Updo Hairstyle - Tutorial

Amazing just 2 minute Chic rolled updo Hairstyle.The headband makes it even easier to style.You can wear this hairstyle on bride or any special occasion. Love to see this on a bride with flowers pinned above the roll gives very nice look.You can make this rolled updo in only 2 minutes with this easy Tutorial.The only trick to this hairstyle is finding a headband that fits your head comfortably.Use only the headband which has an elasticated section with wide elastic.
So don't feel bad that how you get ready for the party,just follow the simple steps given with pictures and you are done.


1. Back comb your hair to get better result.

2. Place your headband over your hair.Place the headband in the center of your hair as pictured.

3. Take some section of hair near your ear, and curve them around. Tuck the ends of your hair under the headband until it forms a roll.

4. Repeat this step until you tuck hair into your headband.Finish tucking in your hair at the back.

5. Use some bobby pins to keep the style in place. Leave front layers loose for more stylish look.

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