Tri Color Nail Art Tutorial

1. Paint each nail with the polish of your choice. Add a good top coat and allow your nails to dry completely.
2. Apply three pieces of Scotch tape to your dry nails.As shown in picture.
3. Paint over the tape with a contrasting polish.
4. While the polish is still wet, slowly remove the tape to reveal your design. Once the second color is dry, apply a top coat.
5. Overlap two pieces of tape to section off a triangle at the base of each nail. Fill in the triangle with a contrasting color.
6. Remove the tape to reveal your finished look. Add a top coat for shine and protection.Now you are done.

Always use a base coat and finish with a glossy top coat for shine and protection.Don’t worry if your finished nail art isn’t perfect. Nail art isn’t about perfection; it’s about being creative and having fun with your nails. No one else will notice if your lines are a little crooked or your polka dots aren’t all the same size.

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