How to get perfectly shaped eyebrows?

Eyebrows are a work of art. Many of us aren't blessed with full and shapely brows, but with a little makeup, you can change your brows.Eyebrows add expression to every face.Most of the ladies have difficulties in shaping their eyebrows.Within the past years, several celebrities are keeping their eyebrows thicker as a result of they need a larger impact on their face beauty. Anyway here you can Learn how to draw eye brows with this step by step drawing lesson.


1. Start by drawing the arch right at the top of your eyebrows with the pencil.
2. Then use the brow gel while brushing your hairs upwards the highest point of the arch, then downwards toward the end of the brow.
3. Filling in too hard, particularly with an eyebrow pencil.
4. After shaping or filling it from a distance, you should get closer to the mirror to outline.
5. Just make sure you blend it well to complete your look and get the perfect brows.You are done.

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