Glitter Nail Art Tutorial

Nail art experience is superb when you get it done. You feel good, refreshed and happy seeing beautiful nails on your self. A tutorial for nail art is something that will teach you how the nail art is done. It will help you with latest designs and information regarding the same. Here we provide a very simple and stylish nail art the Glitter Nail Art.
1. Paint your base colour first.I choose yellow.
2. Take your Glitter Topper and paint the sponge with it.
3. Wait until the clear base has been absorbed by the sponge (1-3 seconds) and press it onto your nail.
4. The glitter will adhere to your nails but you won’t have a thick coat of clear polish with it. Repeat until you get the desired look.
5. Finish with topcoat to smooth it.

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