Easiest Pretty Pompadour Tutorial

The Easiest Pretty Pompadour Tutorial You'll Ever See. This tutorial will be useful for every girl, keen on Pompadour style.Nobody will know how easy this hairstyle is when they see you with this pretty pompadour. The shape of the hairstyle is really pretty and flattering.Take a look to get the look with this pompadour tutorial.
1. Grab the bangs area, only the hair that it above the center of the forehead and tease it.
2. Clip it to the back with baby pins and smooth the top with a comb.
3. Then take a section of hair that is between the forehead and the ear. Take the same section of hair from the other side and tie/clip them together above the baby pins that hold the bangs volume.
4. All done.
This hairstyle will look better if your hair is straight.

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