Dotty or Retro Nail Art Tutorial

We all love beautiful nails designs.We always want the easy one nails arts. Easy time saving nail designs that look fabulous without much effort.Here is the most simple nail art tutorial make by anyone.For this nail art the Dotty or Retro Nail Art You will need: dotting tool, different nail polish colours.
1. Begin by applying the base onto your nails.
2. Use white nail polish but if you like to experiment with different colours, feel free to do so.
3. Dip the dooting tool into the first nail polish colour and then apply it on your nails as shown in picture.As you can see, the dots are of different size because we used a few different sized dotting tools.
4. Apply clear top coat once you are done painting all the dots and that’s it.
Told you this was an easy one!Must try.

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