Black Heart Nail Art Tutorial

There are different styles in which nail art can be done.This is by far the simplest nail Art design ever.You can achieve this beautiful nail art with only a One nail polish. Choose any colour you like, but I choose black as I love the contrast.They are not just adorable but are liked by many people. Designs are made in the shape of lines, angles, triangles and many more. We provide a technique to make these special designs on your nails very easily. It is a unique form of art. Depending upon your requirement you can have short, long or wide nails.Depending upon what outfit you are wearing you can chosen the combination of colours that you wish to give to your nails.
1. Paint two dots right in the middle of your nail.That will help you create a perfect heart shape.
2. Paint the shape of heart such as shown in the second and third pictures.
3. Fill around with black nail polish such as in the forth picture and you are done. Super easy and fabulous steps.

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