Awesome Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

1. Start drawing a line from the end of your lid in the direction of the end of your brow. This gives you a good angle that you can be sure to achieve evenly on both sides.
2. You can draw your line as far out as you want — the longer the line, the more dramatic your wing.
3. Close your eye and connect the end of the line to the base of your lid at a sharp angle. You will create a triangle shape from this step and will fill in the triangle later.
4. Line your top lid from the inner corner to the outer. Connect this line and then fill the triangle.
5. Take a black shadow on an angled brush and fill in any sparse gaps in your liner and correct the shape of your wing.Add a coat or two of mascara.
6. After you’ve your winged liner, try spicing it up a little by adding a metallic color, such as silver, Gold anyone. Have fun mastering and experimenting with your winged eyeliner.

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