Awesome Glitter Nail Art Tutorial

Nail art tutorials will give you the knowledge to get you painting your own Nails today.Here we speak of glitter Nail Arts. Almost everyone loves glitter on their nails.Today we share with you the simple glitter nail art design, which are very easy to do. Nail art experience is superb when you get it done. You feel good, refreshed and happy seeing beautiful nails on your self.The materials used in these tutorials are easily available in cosmetics stores.

You will need:
– base coat
– black nail polish
– silver glitter nail polish
– some V-shaped nail strips
– top coat.

1. Apply a base coat on all of your nails and let it dry.
2. Apply one or two layers of black nail polish, again, on all of your nails and let it dry very well.
3. Stick the V-shaped nail strips over the polish that is dry starting from the middle of the nail.
4. Apply the silver glitter nail polish under the sticker, remove the stickers and finish with a top coat.
5. You are done with Awesome Nails design.If you want to change the black into any other color,you can pick whatever combination you like, just keep the same procedure and follow the same steps.

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