Awesome Butterfly Nail Art Tutorial

Hope you like it.As spring approaches butterfly nail art designs are more on demand.this design should be fairly easy to do, and doesn't need that many different colours. So today we will show you Step by Step process to design a butterfly Nail art which is easy and can be done by anyone.

1. Apply a primer to the nails.The primer could be transparent nail polish or just a nail strengthener.
2. Wait the primer coat dry out.Now apply the basic color.
3. Again apply the basic color which is white.
4. Then apply yellow and orange color on any spongy paper.
5. Stick sponge to the nails and apply the mixing color and then soften with brush.
6. Take Black nail paint and draw a line in a left side of nail.
7. Then draw three lines on the line previously drawn and fill the space with black color as shown in picture.
8. At last Apply Polka dots on the upper side of Nails.You are done.

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