A Quick comparison of iPhone 4S and iPhone 5

With the popular series of advanced smart phones, Apple is definitely ruling the market. Though, both Iphone 4S and iPhone 5 comes with exceptionally advanced features. But, this article is creatively designed to give you a clear analysis of the features of both the handsets.
Though, iPhone 5 looks more like iPhone 4S but the features of iPhone5 are definitely more advanced. Iphone 4S comes with a stylish cellular design and has a noted feature of Siri. But, when it comes to connectivity, iPhone 4S has received complaints of weak signal. Thus, naturally iPhone 5 surpasses this existing handset. With iPhone 5, Apple does not fail to deal with the problem of weak signal. Not only loaded with one of the fastest processors, it also has a more slimmer design and lighter weight. In fact, iPhone 5 also boasts of great signal. Again, when it comes to durability iPhone 4S is considered as a delicate handset. Alternatively, iPhone 5 comes with great durability and is also supported with some of the best features. This next generation handset comes with drop resistant and scratch free screen.
To prevent theft and lost, iPhone 4S has a GPS application but with iPhone 5, Apple has provided an in built GPS. Again, iPhone 5 comes with an advanced isight 8 megapixel camera which has the ability to shoot both stills and videos simultaneously. With iPhone 4S, consumers have also complained of battery and lack of sound on outgoing calls. But, with iPhone 5, numerous efficient workers have prevented these problems and have come up with one of the most sophisticated handsets. The most astonishing feature of iPhone 5 is the face recognition feature. This is indeed a great step towards the security of important documents, files and applications.
Though, iPhone 4S also has a good performance but iPhone 5 definitely has superior featires compared to this existing smart phone. Each of the features are carefully designed to successfully cater to the needs of the consumers. Moreover, with the advanced usage of Siri, iPhone 5 provides answers to almost all your queries. For example, you can easily find out the most sophisticated restaurants at your location or an ATM. This definitely helps to make your life more easier and advanced. With one of the fastest processors and amazing designs, iPhone 5 is indeed a breakthrough in the mobile industry. So, now you can easily compare the features and settle for a handset that proves to be an extension of your class and style.

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