Techniques of Maintaining Silk Clothes

Considered as one of the most luxurious and delicate fabrics, appropriate maintenance of silk fabrics is extremely crucial. For a detailed knowledge, you can always take care of the instructions on the the garments.

Washing of Silk Clothes- It is essential that you always try to wash a little part of your clothing. If the color bleeds, make sure that you go for dry cleaning. Again, it is also crucial that you always use a mild soap and rub the stained areas softly. It is always seen that most silk fabrics lose their shine after washing. For this, you can mix a little vinegar in clean cold water. This will not only retain the shine and newness of the fabric but vinegar can also remove the soap and detergent. After rinsing in cold water, you can wrap up these clothes in a soft towel. This will absorb the extra moisture delicately. You do not need to dry it. In fact, when these silk clothes are still damp, it is best to pack it in a clean plastic bag and put it in a refrigerator. This process not only cleans the fabric but also retains the shine of these clothes.

Ironing of Silk clothes- Since, silk is an expensive fabric, so every individual desires to maintain it for years. Though, generally silk clothes remain wrinkle free but if there is a need to iron the products, it is essential that you handle these clothes with great care. Before ironing, it is always essential that you iron the clothes by placing it inside out. You can also iron the silk clothes by placing a piece of cotton cloth on the silk garment. This will help you to iron the wrinkles without damaging the clothes. This is definitely beneficial and also helps in maintaining your silk clothes.

After proper ironing, you can delicately hang the silk garment. This way, you can maintain the sheen of the fabric and that too in an inexpensive and natural way.

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